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• 10/29/2018

What is a Neo-human and why is Danny the only Neo-human?

Danny is a neo-human but his parents aren't.

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• 7/27/2018

Beth Tezuka Kicking Ass

Is there ever an episode where Beth fights barehanded, in other words kicking and/or punching? If so, please list or name any!
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• 8/21/2017

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• 8/4/2015

Adventure time vs bravest warriors

Which show do you think is better by your opinion?
I think bravest warriors is funny and random just like adventure time but I like bravest warriors better
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• 7/21/2015

Fantasy Food Tournament

Hey there!

We've gathered 64 of the most powerful female protagonists for our first ever Shero Bracket Tournment - and a character from YOUR fandom is competing!
What's a Shero, you ask? A Shero is a heroine from the realm of comics, books, movies, TV, and games. There were so many options to choose from, but we managed to narrow them down to 64. These competitors will battle it out for 6 rounds, with the winner announced on January 3, 2017.

Ready to smash the patriarchy? Vote for your fandom's Shero now!
Fandom's Shero Bracket Tournament
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• 4/9/2015

Season 3

Cartoon Hangover recently released a new episode name Ghosts of the See-Through Zone (Season 3 Episode 3).
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