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"Animated short"
Season 0, Episode 0
Bravest Warriors original logo
Production Code: N/A
Airdate: January 10, 2009
Director: Randy Myers
Pendleton Ward
Written by: Pendleton Ward
""Time Slime"

The original Bravest Warriors animated short (itself titled The Bravest Warriors) was originally aired on Frederator Studios and Nickelodeon's, Random! Cartoons on January 10, 2009.


The episode starts out with a planet exploding, stopping it from crashing into an alien planet the Warriors were defending. The alien thanks them for their help, and tell them how much they appreciate the earthly custom of "high fiving." They are soon interrupted by an incoming transimission for the warriors from Professor Brain Dog-7. They travel to the planet through a portal, where they meet up with the professor. While riding in his little car, the warriors are told about a giant tickle monster attacking the city. The Warriors try to attack the monster using weapons, but it grabs the warriors with a tight grip. The Professor tells them that the Tickle Monster can only be defeated by using powerful emotions, something the Brain Dogs are too smart to have. Chris, being the last warrior who hasn't been grabbed by the monster, admits his love for Beth to attack the monster. He goes on about the things he loves about her, until the monster shrinks down to a small size. Danny and Wallow tell Chris that he is an "emotional sister," much to his embarrassment. The Brain Dogs even carry him away, calling him a "lord of emotions." They are again interrupted by an incoming transmission from another planet, begging for the warrior's immediate help. When Chris asks Beth if she's ready for their next adventure, she asks him how he was able to defeat the tickle monster. Chris seems confused, as she was there when he said he loved her. She claimed that she was laughing too hard to hear him. After a sigh of relief, he says that he'll just tell her another time. The short ends with the four warriors jumping into the portal, with the words "THE END."



  • The Brain Dogs called Chris "lord of emotions," a possible reference to the Emotion Lord.


  • When the tickle monster was holding up three of the warriors it was holding Chris instead of Danny.