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"Bravest Warrior"
Back-up Story of Issue 3
Written by: Ryan Pequinn

Bravest Warrior is the Back-Up Story To Issue 3


The Story Start The Bravest Warriors are Captured and are in danger and all but Danny are crying and Chris's pants fall down and then Danny Preforms a Hadooken and it cuts to Danny Talking to Beth, Chris, and Wallow asking if this is what really happened because they lost there memory, Danny says yes and it cuts back to the Story and Shows Danny Fighting the Mindmaster (A Floating Brain) and Danny Summons a Dolfin, a Pelican, and a Lion and they beat up the mindmaster and the Rest of The Bravest Warriors Praise Danny. It Cuts Back To Reality and Beth is tired and leaves, and wallow leaves saying he liked the story. Chris and Danny are left sitting and Danny Says. "The Part Were Your Pants Fell Of Is True