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Bravest Warriors[1] is a comic book series published by KaBOOM! Studios, just like the Adventure Time comics. It's written by Joey Comeau with art by Mike Holmes and Ryan Pequin and cover illustrations by Tyson Hesse. It's released monthly. The first comic was released October 2012.[2] It's acclaimed for all ages.


Like in the Adventure Time comics, each issue features two comics. A main story by Joey Comeau drawn like the show, then a secondary, insert story, drawn by an artist in their own style, with a continuity separate from the overarching storyline.

The main stories have small messages at the bottom of almost every page. They are just for added humor and don't impact the story.

Each comic ends like the Adventure Time counterpart, with a bio of the Artist who illustrated the insert story and a sneak peek at next month's issue delivered by? Plum.

List Of Issues[]

Cover Issue story Backup story Release date
Cover 1 Issue 1

The Bravest Warriors and Plum have a horror movie night

"Lazer Sunday" by Ryan Pequin October 2012

Cover q

Issue 2

The Bravest Warriors fight off  Sadness on the Clown Planet

"Space Flu By Ryan Penuin" November 2012
Cover p Issue 3

The Bravest Warrioirs and Plum fight off Clown Zombies to find Sadness

"Bravest Warrior" by "Ryan Pequin"

December 2012

Z Issue 4 The final battle between the Bravest Warriors and Sadness! "Trivial Reality" By Ryan Pequin"

January  2013

V5a Issue 5 The Bravest Warriors are hired to find the brains of pagent girls Cute Calamity By Ryan Pequin

Febuary 2013


  • It's similar to the Adventure Time comics.
  • There was an early release at comic-con.
  • It introduces Plum and starts the Bravest Warriors off.
  • It came out before the show.
  • the issues can be seen online at



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