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Talking Catbug Vinyl Figure

The Bravest Warriors Catbug Talking Vinyl Figure is made by Pop Culture Shock and is based on the character from the Cartoon Hangover show, Bravest Warriors. The figure is 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide, and is made of soft designer vinyl. Catbug, the half-cat, half-ladybug figure, can say eight phrases from the show and is motion-activated.

List of Phrases[]

  1. "Okay!" (From the episode, "Catbug (episode)")
  2. "I'm Catbug!" (From the episode, "Catbug (episode)")
  3. "Sugar Peas!" (From the episode, "Catbug (episode)")
  4. "Why are we running?" (From the episode, "Aeon Worm")
  5. "Why would you do that?" (From the episode, "Catbug (episode)")
  6. "My name is Catbug. What's yours?" (From the episode, "Gas-Powered Stick")
  7. "You're my friends now." (From the episode, "Ultra Wankershim")
  8. "I love you." (From the minisode episode, "Dramabug")




  • This is the only vinyl figure that have a voicebox.
  • ThinkGeek presents the preview about what does Catbug looks like and sounds like.
  • This works on 1 x AG13 battery.

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