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Introduced In

"The Bunless"

Voiced by

André Sogliuzzo

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Chamsy is one of the entities in episode 5 of season 1 "The Bunless". The Bravest Warriors had to get Chamsy to fall back in love with Killrock before the Celestial Ascension, or the Bunless People would be plunged into a hundred years of war and darkness.


Chamsy was once in a relationship with a fellow entity named Killrock. While they loved each other deeply, the couple parted ways due to Chamsy being too proud to accept a loan from Killrock’s father to start up a landscaping business.

The two lovers were reunited at the Celestial Ascension Gathering possessing both Chris Kirkman and Beth Tazuka’s butts, and rekindle their love after sharing a chipnopple dance together, that is until Chamsy starts acting up when Chris starts complimenting Beth.

Danny on instinct begins to dance with Beth and Killrock to make Chamsy jealous which succeeds. Chamsy stands up for Killrock and declares her his woman. The two share a loving embrace before the Celestial Ascension where they return to the skies.