Bravest Warriors Wiki

Season 0[]

Animated short[]

I can't, I'm too much of a cowardly catterpillar.

Animated short

Season 1[]

Time Slime[]

Too, much, emotional-pain! Machine can't take it...Beth!

Time Slime

Emotion Lord[]

That is enough! Come out here and fight me, villian!

Emotion Lord (Episode)

Butter Lettuce[]

Aw dude! Can't a guy have his private time?

Butter Lettuce

Memory Donk[]

Wait, wait? Has everyone here lost their memories?

Memory Donk

The Bunless[]

Anyways, Danny's a good dancer..

The Bunless


Now how are we going to go through this maze?..


Gas-Powered Stick[]

Woah! Who's growing peaches?

Gas-Powered Stick

Dan Before Time[]

You finished your time machine?

Dan Before Time

Cereal Master[]

It's not the same without seahorse dreams.

Cereal Master

Ultra Wankershim[]

You're looking at Beth, and you're crying?

Ultra Wankershim


I haven't given up yet!

Catbug (episode)