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"Cute Calamity"
Back-up Story of Issue 5
The bannana
Written by: Ryan Pequinn

Cute Calamity is the back up story to Bravest Warriors #5


Wallow thinking that the other Bravest Warriors, Danny, Chris, and Beth, have been "bodysnatched," has tied them all up. They try to convince him that they haven't been bodysnatched, but Wallow is still doubtful. He explains how they've been acting weird lately ever since he brought home a new pet. The next morning, after allowing "Hammy" to sleep on Danny's bed for the night, Wallow was watching the news and the escape of a dangerous creature from the Mars Zoo was reported. The creature supposedly devoured its victims and took on their form. A drawing of the creature was shown and was nearly identical to Hammy except that the monster had a horn, so Wallow dismissed this notion. Then, Danny begins biting him and he sees Chris dragging his butt on the floor and Beth rolling on a dead deer. They explain why they were doing those things and Wallow, convinced, lets them free. While walking down the hallway, however, Wallow finds several sets of bones in a closet, but he just ignores them.


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