Bravest Warriors Wiki

Season 1[]

Time Slime[]

If you don't want our help-- UP YOURS!

Time Slime

Emotion Lord[]

I feel as fresh as the dickens!

Emotion Lord (Episode)

Butter Lettuce[]

Just get down to biz my ninja!

Butter Lettuce

Memory Donk[]

Boyfriend? SHOOT! I could be your husband! Or your dentist! I have no idea!

Memory Donk

This donk suuuucks!

Memory Donk

The Bunless[]

One too many trips to the punch bowl for Shlarpsak!

The Bunless


The chocolate puppy guy! Alll right!


Gas-Powered Stick[]

I was just about to go for a spin right now to the Dunes of Phobos. I could maybe show you my maneuvers

Gas-Powered Stick

Dan Before Time[]

Buy! Yourself! Some sweaters!

Dan Before Time

Cereal Master[]

You totally just emotion lorded those sea horse dreams!

Cereal Master

Ultra Wankershim[]

What happens when he needs to pee?

Ultra Wankershim


I got this expired lottery ticket and a knife. My mom's got class.

Catbug (episode)

This thing's rising like a hot oven biscuit!

Catbug (episode)