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Season Minisode, Episode 2
Dramabug Title Card
Production Code: BW200A
Airdate: August 4, 2013
Director: Breehn Burns
Written by: Tyler Chen
Storyboarded by: Tyler Chen
"Browser Fail"

"Dramabug" is the second minisode episode of Bravest Warriors.


Cartoon Hangover presents Bravest Warriors, "DramaBug" This one-minute short features the adorable Catbug as he tells the story of Sir Jeffers, Rebecca and the mysterious wedding. Watch the drama unfold in the cutest Bravest Warriors minisode yet.


Catbug is playing with his toys that he possibly made himself and begins a scenario involving Sir Jeffers (a stick with googly eyes), Rebecca (a rotten potato) and a wedding. Sir Jeffers claims that Rebecca is the "prettiest girl in Brooklyn" and asks if she wants to come to the "mysterious wedding" with him, but Rebecca refuses even though they both love each other. Meanwhile, Impossibear wanders by and looks in on Catbug's tale. Jeffers asks Rebecca to marry him but she refuses because now she doesn't love him anymore.

As Catbug continues, Danny looks in. Jeffers questions who Rebecca is in love with, but it turns out to be Sir Jeffers. He proposes and is again rebuffed. It turns out Rebecca is in love with his brother, Chad, who Jeffers plans to kill. Chad (a dead rat wearing a sport jersey and a cap) appears and reveals that the mysterious wedding is for him and Rebecca. Sir Jeffers is not invited, however, Chad ask Sir Jeffers if he will be his Best Man.

Sir Jeffers agrees even though he hates his brother, and Chad bids him farewell, saying they will see each other at the bachelor party. Rebecca departs with a promise that she will always love Jeffers. Catbug clutches Jeffers and whispers 'Rebecca...' as the Bravest Warriors watch, on the verge of tears.


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  • Originally, Writer/boarder Tyler Chen had the minisode open with Catbug pulling out a box labeled "Catbug Treasure" from beneath his bed which has his toys.
  • This is the first episode where none of the Bravest Warriors has any lines.
  • Many people made this a meme called "marry me"


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