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Wallow Beth Danny Chris This article is about the object. You may be looking for the episode.
Gas-Powered Stick (Object)
Gas-Powered Stick Grown
Origin Unspecified
Type Peach bearing plant
Owner Emotion Lord (former)

Impossibear (former)

Introduced In Gas-Powered Stick

The gas-powered stick first appeared in the episode of the same name. It was first seen when theEmotion Lord appeared from a time portal and gave it toImpossibear, who then ran around hitting people with it.


At the beginning of "Gas-Powered Stick," it appears to be a regular stick, although when Impossibear threw it on the ground, it magically grew into a peach tree. The peach's pit can also give one the ability to use X-ray vision. It allegedly "never runs out of gas".


  • It is said to never run out of gas, although it hasn't been explained exactly what this means.
  • Impossibear refers to it as a "Jive-ass Stick."
  • Chris refers to the peach's pit as "Jive-ass Peach Pit"
  • The stick's name appears in the next expansion of the MMO-RPG World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor (