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Glendaliens species
Name Glendaliens
Ruler Gayle the Glendalien
Live in Moon of Glendale
Glendale (Planet)
Important Characters Professor Fartsparkles
Gayle the Glendalien
Introduced in "Time Slime"

Glendaliens are a race of aliens who appear in the series premiere, "Time Slime." The only two notable Glendaliens are Gayle the Glendalien and Professor Fartsparkles. After the Great Time Catastrophe, Professor Fartsparkles had to create a machine to keep time flowing, but in "Time Slime", the machine breaks down and time loops back on itself. It is still unknown what happened to the Glendaliens on the Moon of Glendale.


Glendaliens are short and sluglike, and sliver along to move, being legless. Most of them are a red-pink color, and have a long, antennae-like extension on their heads.

Notable Glendaliens[]