Himmel Mancheese
Himmel Man-Cheese
Biography Information

Himmel Man-Cheese


Genderless (referred with Masculine pronouns)




Flying Jellyfish

Introduced In

Ultra Wankershim

Latest Appearence

We Can Leave Your Friends Behind

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Himmel Man-Cheese is a friend of the Emotion Lord, who wanted to go back in time to witness the Dawning of Wankershim. He also later became Wallow's arm/lover from seasons 3 to 4.


Himmel Mancheese is an orange, flying, jellyfish-like creature that can carry living things inside of it as a means of transportation.


Emotion Lord

Himmel Mancheese appears to be friends with Emotion Lord due to the fact that he was affectionately rubbing against him and also allowing the Emotion Lord to ride in him.


Himmel Mancheese seems to like Catbug because they were playing a game of tag and was giving Catbug a ride to see Wankershim. Catbug also referred to Himmel Mancheese as his friend. Also, he has soft tacos with him while the Emotion Lord didn't, though that was because he put on the Temporal Pair-o-Sox.


Himmel Man-Cheese became a replacement for Wallow's arm in Season 3. He also became Wallow's lover. This lasted until Season 4 when Himmel Man-Cheese was forced to return to the future because of his crimes.

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