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Ian Jones-Quartey
Ian Jones-Quartey Pic
Name Ian Jones-Quartey
Gender Male
Voices Wallow

Ian Jones-Quartey is a writer, storyboard artist, and animator who supplies the voice of Wallow in Bravest Warriors.

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  • Ian is the co-creator of the web series "nockFORCE."
  • He is the creator of the web-comic series "RPG World."
  • He was also a founding member of the now-defunct "bagofchips" group, a collective of webcartoonists set up in opposition to sites like "Keenspot" and "Blank Label Comics", and RPG World was a key feature in this network. Other members included Aaron Farber, Meredith Gran, Josh Mirman, and David McGuire, all of whom soon abandoned their own related projects.
  • Ian is also a former storyboard revisionist/supervisor on the television show Adventure Time.
  • Ian is also the former supervising director for Steven Universe from the pilot up until June 2015.
  • He created his own show called "OK KO! Let's Be Heroes!" which aired on Cartoon Network on August 1, 2017
  • He voices the character Snowflake Obsidian in the epilogue series to Steven Universe, Steven Universe Future.