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Season Minisode, Episode 4
Impossibomb - Title Card
Production Code: BW200D
Airdate: September 5, 2013
Director: Breehn Burns
Written by: Tyler Chen
Storyboarded by: Tyler Chen
"Browser Fail"
"Terrabeth Bytes"

"Impossibomb" is the 4th minisode episode of Bravest Warriors. It was released on September 5, 2013.


Cartoon Hangover presents Bravest Warriors, "Impossibomb" This one-minute short features Impossibear as he hands over a present to his dear friend Wallow. But it's a BOMB! Watch this explosive new Bravest Warriors minisode to find out what happens... Nursery school!


Impossibear is holding a timebomb that he thinks is a "present" which he got from a pigeon. Wallow claims it's a bomb although Impossibear think's that it isn't. Wallow then tries to get the bomb from him before it explodes. Catbug later walks in with an bowl of cereal as both Wallow and Impossibear fight over bomb, although Wallow claims that leaving the bomb alone would kill all of them. Impossibear doesn't understand and instead runs away from Wallow, but he manages to caputure him.  Impossibear dares Wallow to take it away from him so Wallow gives Impossibear a "sleep pinch" and he falls asleep.

Wallow tries to deactivate the bomb by cutting out the right wire, but it caused the timer to go faster and closer to detonation. Wallow tries to destroy it while the pigeon pecks on Impossibear's arm, causing him to wake up. Wallow instead throws the bomb out of the windows and it detonates at a tree. However, Impossibear comes in with another "present" but it's a different timebomb with Catbug in it, who exclaims "I'm a BOMB!" The minisode then ends.


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  • This is the first time where Chris and Danny did not appear in this episode overall.
    • This is also the second episode that Beth did not appear.


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