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Bravest Warriors # 1 is the first issue of the Bravest Warriors Comic Book. It features Plum and the back up story: Laser Sunday.

"Issue 1"
Issue 1, Part 1
Cover 1

Published: October 24, 2012
Written by: Joey Comeau

Ryan Pequinn

Storyboarded by: Shannon Watters

Adam Staffaroni

Kassandra Heller

Issue 2"
Back-up Story
Laser Sunday


It starts out somewhere in the quiet suburbs of space. The Bravest Warriors are in a room with a talking banana ambassador, confused why they have not fixed the sexism problem between two planets. Then, Beth asks him to pull her finger. He does, and the other planet blows up ending the sexism problem.

They return home and the Introduction page is shown with all the Bravest Warriors.

Then, they have two cupcakes fight to the death. Chris and Danny's cupcakes fight and Danny's cupcake gets smashed. Plum comes and they have a Scary Movie night. 

They watch, "The Zombie Food Court From Heck", "Space Sharks", and "Hannibal and Greta", the only non horror movie. The computer then gets a call from clowns being attacked by sadness.

They leave to save the clowns.

Back-Up Story[]

Click Here For Laser Sunday


Main Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

(Not Including Characters From the Show)

In Laser Sunday[]

Cover Only[]

  • Chris
  • Wallow
  • Danny
  • Beth
  • Hi-Five Aliens


Cover Art[]

Comic Pages[]


  • There are little messages at the bottom, like the Adventure Time comics
  • It sold out the first day
  • It came out before the show
  • Plum is introduced
  • It reveals Danny's fear of clowns