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"Issue 11"
Issue 11, Part 3

Published: August 2013
Written by: Joey Comeau
Storyboarded by: Shannon Watters

Adam Staffaroni Kassandra Heller

"Issue 10"
Issue 12"
Back-up Story
Drawing With Impossibear

Bravest Warriors #11 is the 11th issue in Bravest Warriors. Its Back-Up Story Is Drawing With Impossibear


Danny and Wallow are magicians at a kids party. Danny goes out on stage and tells the kids he will shock the kids with magic never seen before. He then asks Wallow if kids can have heart attacks and pulls out a Silver Bazooka with 5 bullets, already using one on a vampire bunny. The mom at the party starts to yell at Danny and Wallow for giving the kids heart attacks, but they retaliate by accusing her of being a Werewolf, they explain that the last 6 party's they've been to she has been there and a kid has gone missing each time. Just as there about to kill her her son steps in front of her and say "If you dont leave my mommy alone I will tear you limb form limb". He then turns into a werewolf and starts to attack them. Wallow asks Danny why he isn't shooting him. Danny says he made a promise to his dad not to kill kids even if there an evil kid eating werewolf. Danny then tells Wallow to save the kids. Everyone but Danny go and hide in a closet, and the mom says she needs to kill here son to stop all the madness. She then leaves the closet just to tell her son how stupid Wallow was for giving her the Bazooka and they escape.

Back-Up Story[]

Click Her For Drawing With Impossibear

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