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"Issue 3"
Issue 3, Part 3
Issue 3 cover a

Published: December 2012
Written by: Joey Comeau

Ryan Pequinn

Storyboarded by: Shannon Watters

Adam Staffaroni

Kassandra Heller

"Issue 2"
Issue 4"
Back-up Story
Bravest Warrior

Bravest Warriors #3 is the third issue in The Bravest Warriors Comic. The Back Up Story is Bravest Warrior.


It Starts with the Bravest Warriors Fighting The Horrible Nightmare Clown Creatures and a mythical creature comes down to warn them but gets eaten by one of the creatures. Then it Shows Beth and Plum at a food court talking and them it becomes The Zombie Food Court From Heck, Beth's choice of a horror movie from Issue 1. It then shows Danny walking down a hallway at a school talking to himself and the it becomethe Ghost horror movie of Danny's choice (also from Issue 1). It then shows Chris and Wallow walking down the street and it becomes Space Sharks, another horror movie, this time Chris' choice. Chris, Beth, Wallow, and Plum defeating their horror movies' creatures by trapping the shark and killing the zombies, while Danny has the Clowns looking for the Ghost's grave so they can put salt on the bones and burn them. That's where the Bravest Warriors meet up, and they see a spooky house and the door opens to show them Sadness, the clown queen of fear.

Back-Up Story[]

Click Here For Bravest Warrior


Minor Characters[]

  • Pixel
  • Horrible Nightmare Clown Creatures
  • Mythical Creature
  • Sad Clowns
  • Clown Zombies
  • Mall Goers
  • Ghost
  • Clown Kids
  • Space Shark
  • Sadness

In Bravest Warrior[]

  • Chris
  • Beth
  • Wallow
  • Danny
  • Monster
  • Mindmaster
  • Dolfin
  • Pelican
  • Lion

Cover Only[]

  • Chris
  • Beth
  • Wallow
  • Danny 
  • Clowns
  • Falcon (Axe Weapon)


Cover Art[]

Comic Pages[]