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"Issue 5"
Issue 5, Part 1

Published: February 2013
Written by: Joey Comeau
Storyboarded by: Shannon Watters
Adam Staffaroni
Kassandra Heller
"Issue 4"
Issue 6"
Back-up Story
Cute Calamity

Bravest Warriors #5 is the 5th issue in The Bravest Warriors Comic.


Its a new story. It starts at the Miss Teen Multiverse Pageant. The judge is talking to a contestant and then pulls out a bazooka and it turns out to be Beth. The contestants behind her are actually ninjas and Beth shoots at them, but they slice the rocket in half. Then The Bravest Warriors and Plum Show up with bazookas and hold the ninjas at gun point. Beth then asks the judge "Where are the brains!" and the story goes back in time. The Bravest Warriors are alseep when the doorbell rings and they find two agents at the door. They tell them that seven contestants at the pageant lost their brains and are hired to find the one responsible. The story goes forward in time to the pageant and the judge is talking, but is suddenly stabbed in the back. The next panel shows a rugged version of The Bravest Warriors with a knife and the story ends.


Minor Characters[]

  • Pixel
  • Judge
  • Agent 1
  • Agent 2
  • Ninja 1
  • Ninja 2
  • Rugged Chris
  • Rugged Beth
  • Rugged Danny
  • Rugged Wallow

Cover Only[]

  • Chris
  • Wallow
  • Beth
  • Danny
  • Plum


Cover Art[]

Comic Pages[]