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"Issue 6"
Issue 6, Part 2
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Published: March 2013
Written by: Joey Comeau
Storyboarded by: Shannon Watters

Adam Staffaroni Kassandra Heller

"Issue 5"
Issue 7"
Back-up Story
Catbug Goes Missing

Bravest Warriors #6 is the 6th issue in The Bravest Warriors Comic


The Comic Starts The Bravest Warriors and The "Evil" Bravest Warriors are Head to Head. Beth Tell's Them to Fire and Shots Her Bazzoka But Chris says they should talk first and Danny and Wallow are touched, Beth is anoyed. Then The "Evil" Bravest Warriors Say Attack the "Evil" Bravest Warriors.  After A Couple Minutes of Talking The Find out they are from the Time Loop Danny Created when they went back in time. Then Wallow and His Female Clone Make Out and So does Plum and Her Male Plum, Then They establish NO making out with Clones. Chris then states That Pagents are not a good infuence on Kids. It Then Show two Fancy Parents talking about how the Pagents are a bad influence and a kid runs in with a Bazzoka saying "BAZZOKA BETH TEZUKA" It then shows. Then we find that Danny's Brain has been snached, and Danny, Beth, and Chris along with everyone else is gone. Then we see Dannys brain in a Jar and we see Him Re-Living His memory from Issue 1 with the Sexist Planet Problem and begins to have nightmares about it, So in his mind he trys to stop it not seeing he has no impact. Then Wallow Finds a room and we see two scientist who are putting the brains into robots along with the rest of the Bravest Warriors,and in a attempt to save them he gets the captured

Back-Up Story[]

Click Here For Catbug Goes Missing


Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

  • Evil Danny
  • Pagent Goers
  • Fancy Parent 1
  • Fancy Parent 2
  • Banana Ambassador
  • Evil Robots
  • Evil Scientist 1
  • Evil Scientist 2

Only In Catbug Goes Missing[]

Cover Only[]

  • Chris
  • Beth
  • Danny
  • Wallow
  • Plum
  • Evil Beth
  • Evil Plum
  • Hi-Five Aliens


Cover Art[]

Comic Pages[]