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"Issue 7"
Issue 7, Part 3

Published: April 2013
Written by: Joey Comeau
Storyboarded by: Shannon Watters

Adam Staffaroni

Kassandra Heller

"Issue 6"
Issue 8"
Back-up Story
Memory Lane

Bravest Warrior #7 is the 7th issue of Bravest Warriors. The Back-Up Story Memory Lane


It starts the Evil Robots Want to Kill the Bravest Warriors and There Hair and Kickes Plum. Then Chris and Beth attack the Robots and Lose. Then the Other Bravest Warriors Have a suprise Attack and Destroy the robots Faces but the Robots dont seem to care. Then it Goes Back to Danny Showing spite his attempts he fails to save the Bannana People. Then they go back to the Bravest Warriors in Peril, and one of the Scientist Puts Dannys Brain in a Robot and The Bravest Warriors think there saved and then the other Bravest Warriors are eaten by a Robot. Then The Danny-Bot Kills all thr robots. Then the Judge (With the Ninja Sword STILL in him) comes out and Explains The Robots were invented to help protect the Contstents with Self Estemm Virus which causes them to want to rip off there face. They Put there Brains in the Robotss so they could rip there face off and not hurt them selfs, then Danny Starts  to rip his Face off

Back-Up Story[]

Click Here For Memory Lane


Main Character[]

  • Chris
  • Beth
  • Danny
  • Wallow
  • Evil Robots

Minor Character[]

  • Judge
  • Evil Scientist 1
  • Evil Scientist 2
  • Other Chris
  • Other Beth
  • Other Wallow
  • Other Danny

In Memory Lane[]

  • Beth
  • Chris
  • Danny
  • Wallow
  • Guru
  • Kappa Delta Delta Guy

Cover Only[]

  • Chris
  • Beth
  • Danny
  • Wallow


Cover Art[]

Comic Pages[]