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"Issue 8"
Issue 8, Part 4

Published: May 2013
Written by: Joey Comeau
Storyboarded by: Shannon Watters

Adam Staffaroni

Kassandra Heller

"Issue 7"
Issue 9"
Back-up Story
Beth's Secret

Bravest Warriors #8 is the 8th isue in Bravest Warriors. Its Back-Up Story is Beth's Secret


It Starts Danny wakes up and says it was all a dream, He then tells the Bravest Warriors about his dream but then Catbug rips his face of and Danny Wakes up as the Robot again showing that that was a dream. It Then it Show Beth, Chris, Wallow, and Plum have the Self Esstem Virus. Later it shows the Bravest Warriors all tied up so they cant pull there face off. Then Robot Danny starts looking for an soultion and the Brainless Danny hits Robo-Danny Hits him with a mop. Then Danny and Robo-Danny go looking for the Scientist and Demand they Put his brain Back and they do. As Danny is running back to his freind he is all attacked by Federal Agents and then the Bravest Warriors and  Dumb Danny (Now in Robot Form) Attack and Beat the Agents. The Judge Comes out and Thanks Danny but he is sad and Beth And Wallow Try to cheer him saying "Hack your feelings so you wont be sad" up But he says hell walk it off and says "If I Hacked My Brain Would I Be Danny"

Back-Up Story[]

Click Here For Beth's Secret


Major Characters[]

  • Beth 
  • Chris
  • Danny
  • Wallow
  • Dumb Danny

Minor Characters[]

  • Scientist 1
  • Scientist 2
  • Federal Agents
  • Judge

In Beth's Secret[]

  • Beth
  • Chris
  • Danny
  • Wallow
  • Pig
  • Dapper Animals
  • Unicorn

Cover Only[]

  • Danny
  • Beth
  • Plum
  • Zombies


Cover Art[]

Comic Pages[]