Janette and George
Janette and George
Janette and George
Biography Information

Janette and George


Female (Janette) Male (George)




Courageous Battlers


Wallow (Son)

Introduced In

"Time Slime" (mentioned)

Latest Appearence

"Catbug" (mentioned)

Voiced by

Dawnn Lewis (Janette) Phil Morris (George)

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Janette and George who are Wallow's Parents, along with the rest of the Courageous Battlers, have been trapped in the See-Through Zone for the past two years and as a result, have not been shown in the series. Recently, however, it has been confirmed that Wallow's parents, Chris' ParentsDanny's Parents, and Beth's Dad are alive.


Janette has a dark skin tone, and is shown to be beefy and muscular, much like her son. She has an eye patch on her left eye and wields an axe that resembles the one used by Wallow. George wears an eye patch and a ponytail, and he has a hook in place of his left hand, which seems to be the only weapon he wields.


  • In the episode "Catbug", Janette sends Wallow peanut-butter squares, which are his favorite treat. 
  • Janette has a green pig sticker pet, while George has a blue snake sticker pet.  
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