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Beth's only parent
Johnny Tezuka
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Johnny Tezuka








Courageous Battlers


Beth (Daughter)

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"Time Slime" (Mentioned) "Aeon Worm" (Debut)

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"From The Inside Room"

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Johnny Tezuka (a.k.a. Beth's Dad, Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips, and Rev. Pickle Chips), along with the rest of the Courageous Battlers, has been trapped in the See-Through Zone for the past two years, and, as a result, has not been shown in the series. However, it was confirmed that Chris's Parents, Wallow's Parents, and Danny's Parents are alive in the episode "Catbug". His first official appearance was in "Aeon Worm". He can be considered to be the (though involuntarily) secondary antagonist behind the Aeon Worm, which is his vile master.

Johnny Tezuka had an affair with Danny's mother Bonnie.


Johnny has black hair like his daughter. He has his brain showing through a glass dome on the top of his head. He is slightly smaller in stature than most of the Battlers, accentuated by the fact that he doesn't carry a weapon. When he was Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips, he had a longer beard, and his teeth were oddly shaped and positioned.


Prior to his brainwashing he was shown to be a strict but not entirely malicious man. In addition he was shown to have a strong feminine side based on the fact that he chose to be impregnated. His hobby at the time was gardening interdimensional plants.

Thanks to the Aeon Worm, Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips has lost his mind. He seems to not remember anything before he got trapped in the See-Through Zone, and although he was freed from it by his daughter and her Paralyzed Horse, he still clings on to his worship of the Aeon Worm.


  • His villainous worship of the Aeon Worm makes him truly an antagonist.
  • For reasons unknown, he wears a "brain dome."
  • He is voiced by Bill Mumy, who is the father of Beth's voice actor, Liliana Mumy.
  • In the comics (issue 19) it is said that Mr. Tezuka was never married and was pregnant with Beth for 9 months.
  • He invented the Holographic Sticker Pets that the Courageous Battlers and the Bravest Warriors use as revealed in Bravest Warriors Comic #20.
  • It's revealed that his Sticker Pet is a orange stag.
  • He was the leader of the Courageous Battlers.

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