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"Lazer Sunday"
Back-up Story of Issue 1
Laser Sunday-Cover
Written by: Ryan Pequinn

Laser Sunday is the Back Up Story of Issue 1.


The Bravest Warriors are playing laser tag to compete for who sits shotgun. First place in laser tag gets 1000 tickets. Whoever has the most tickets by the end of the game wins. Wallow gets hit and Chris yells out. Then the bravest Warriors team up and start to take out the second graders who are there on a field trip. Chris jumps in front of Danny to save him from a laser gun, forgetting that they are competing. Danny then shoots the kid who tried to hit him. Then Danny and Beth go head to head. Beth chases Danny outside if the play area, and Beth buries him in a ball pit winning the game and earning her 1000 tickets and the shotgun on the Space Whale. After the game, they meet back up with Wallow where he tells them that he won a million tickets playing the claw game, winning shotgun for himself.