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Present day Mars
Name Mars
Type Planet
Location 4th Planet from the Sun,

Milky Way Galaxy

Notable Inhabitants The Bravest Warriors

Mars is the current planet that the Bravest Warriors live on. Mars was first seen from space in the episode "Memory Donk."


Cereal Master
Low-Gravity Hacker Lads

Bravest Warriors and Pets
Holo John Holograms


  • Mars could possibly be overpopulated. In the episode "Cereal Master," an announcer can be heard saying "Start a new life, someplace else, Mars is already over-crowded."
  • It looks similar to Adventure Time's Mars, with "space domes" filled with oxygen across the planet.
    • It also looks similar to Cowboy Bebop's Mars, where humans also live in domes because the rest of Mars cannot be terraformed.