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Med School EX
Med School FX
Name Med School EX
Type Game
Owner Wallow
Introduced In Memory Donk

'Med School EX is a game that Wallow was playing at the beginning of the episode "Memory Donk". The subtitle to this game, "Cardiac M.D. Diploma Program" implies that one can earn their M.D. in Cardiology through playing it.


Med School EX is a hand-held game that requires the player to perform different types of heart surgery to power up. When the person playing the game recieves a power up, a small orb rises from the top of the hand-held game for the player to eat.


  • In the game, Wallow is supposed to sever an aorta, which is the largest artery in the human body.
  • Wallow having this game might imply that he is the medic of the team and would explain why he was the one to perform surgery on Danny in the episode "Emotion Lord".
  • This game looks similar to a Gameboy Color.