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"Memory Lane"
Back-up Story of Issue 7
Memory Lane
Written by: Ryan Pequin

Memory Lane is The Back-Up Story For Issue 7


The Bravest Warriors are Looking through an old photo both and we see The Space Shark Jumping the Space Canyon which Danny finds pointless because there is no gravity, Chris and Beth Climbing Olymic Mons(A Mountain) to ask a moutain Guru but It ended up talking about a song, Wallow and A Kappa Delta Delta Guy Shirtless at a Frat Party Who dared him to eat an Eel, and then we see the Bravest Warriors at the Worst Road Side attractions The Universe's Least Comfy Underwear, and The Universe's most Boring Dog.The Bravest Warriors Haunted By all of these memorys, Throw the Book into Space