Bravest Warriors Wiki
Name Merewifs
Live in Mirvahda
Important Characters Plum
Introduced in "Gas-Powered Stick"
Latest appearance "Whispers in the Morning"

Merewifs are a race of aliens that have a mermaid-like complexion. The most notable Merewif is Plum, who originally appeared in the episode "Gas-Powered Stick". Plum made her second appearance in the season two episode "Mexican Touchdown".


Merewifs are pale-skinned humanoids with two digits on each of their limbs which resemble small cloven hooves. As a result, their manual extremities have been colloquially referred to as "pig hands" by some members of other species. Merewifs seem to possess shape-shifting powers, the extents of which have yet to be determined. What has been observed, however, is that they can increase their physical size to become giants, and can turn their arms into tentacles. One apparent weakness that has been observed is that their legs automatically turn into mermaid (or merman) tails if they get wet, even if they are on land.


  • Plum mentions the age requirement for a hover-car license is higher for Merewifs than it is for humans.
  • Plum demonstrates that Merewifs can control water and take on a terrifying form while in water.
  • When Merewifs are babies, they start out with tails and apparently don't develop legs until they're older. 
  • Merewifs’ legs will get itchy when they are dry for to long.
  • Merewifs (especially Plum) could be based on Merwitches, as they look like mermaids and mermen, possess seemingly magical abilities (or at least Plum does), and have phonetically similar names.