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Season Minisode, Episode 1
Production Code: BW200B
Airdate: August 1, 2013
Director: Breehn Burns
Written by: Niki Yang
Storyboarded by: Niki Yang

"Moo-Phobia" is the first minisode episode of Bravest Warriors to be aired on Youtube.


This one-minute short shows an udderly new side of  Chris Kirkman. Moove over Catbug, Chris is the star in this minisode with high steaks. 


The minisode begins when Danny tells Chris to jump but was blocked with a wall of fire. Chris says that he'll do it in a minute, but he get's a bit scared as his mind gives him some flashbacks. The first flashback takes back to when Chris was a young child, when whis father was trying to take a photo with him and a cow. As Chris's unnamed dad told Chris to get closer to get a perfect shot, the cow moos, and urinates at Chris, which the dad snaps immediately. After that flashback ended, Danny wonders if he had a height phobia (which its acrophobia), and they still tells Chris to jump.

As the fire grew bigger, Chris thinks about skipping that jump and finding another way to go through but his friends just boo at him. Another flashback occors, this time he was six. At that part, he was petting a donkey, but it was cow that was inside of the donkey suit. Once that's over, Beth insists that Chris isn't afraid of fire (or pyrophobic), but Wallow tells Chris to go through it by flying over it.

However, Chris tries to stop thinking about his fear of cows but another flashback regarding to it also occurs when Chris has and date with an unnamed girlfriend at his teen years. Unfortunetly, he was pushed out from an cow, with force, and kisses his girlfriend. Seeing this causes Chris to scream in terror. After that, Chris was unable to stop thinking about his fear, and gets down on his knees yelling "I can't!", and Wallow begins to think Chris dosen't like him, Danny and Beth anymore although it is revealed that they (except Chris) were sitting on cows. The cows moo (with another cow waiting for Chris) and the episode ends.


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  • Moo-Phobia can actually be referred to Bovinophobia, which is the fear of Cattle or Cows.


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