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"I fight, so that she may go on, for I am just a horse."
Paralyzed Horse
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Paralyzed Horse








Beth (Owner) • Merewifs (Owner) • Catbug (Owner)

Introduced In

Catbug (Photo)

Latest Appearance

No Matter What the Future Brings - Part 2

Voiced by

Victor Caroli

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Paralyzed Horse was first seen in "Catbug" and has been Beth's horse since she was a child. He has been paralyzed for at least 10 years after he realized the meaning of the universe and forever. He previously lived in the Invisible Hideout's stable (located in the left arm) keeping a mental log. Despite being stuck in the stable, he seems to have far reaching knowledge of the present and future. He ends up staying in the See-Through Zone to battle the Aeon Worm so that Beth and her dad could escape.

Cultural References[]

  • His "Paralyzed Horse's Log" is identical in format to Star Trek's "Captain's Log" or Watchmen's "Rorschach's Journal."
  • He is voiced by the narrator of the 1980s Transformers series, Victor Caroli, who also does the voice of the equally dark villain, Tirac, in G1 My Little Pony.
  • His voice somewhat resembles Morgan Freeman.


Paralyzed Horse's log, July 3, 3085. Everyday I hear and I see eternity. I am frozen in awe of my knowledge of forever, but I belong only to one girl. Nowhere can I see more clearly than into her heart. When Beth feels heartbreak, I'm stranded in the Stygian Void. Helpless to comfort her, for I am just a horse. Sleep now, Bravest Warriors, and dream of doors and keys and Ralph Waldo Pickle Chips. Today something unnatural has slipped into your universe, an octave of death, a tentacle of time. It is the final gift and it is not for you. Beth does not know it now, but this gift is for her.


Swifter than the leopards, more fierce than the evening wolves. Fear me, for when armored by her love, I possess the strength to fight a god! I fight, so that she may go on, for I am just a horse.

Aeon Worm