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The President




President of some location on Mars

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Dan Before Time

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President Fishhead is the apparent President of Mars. He was first seen in "Dan Before Time" when Danny was playing his big flute solo for him, and also when Danny was at the Science Fair. His face is on the Martian currency, as seen in "Cereal Master". He is quoted in a pamphlet promoting the cult of the Aeon Worm, apparently giving his endorsement. He is also seen worshipping the worm in "Season of the Mitch" with the hamsters.


President Fishhead appears to be a humanoid with a green, scaly fish head (though it appears that he does not have gills), and a normal bipedal body. He usually dresses in a formal white suit with blue undershirt, a velvet tie, and grey shoes.



  • He is fairly similar to the character, President Porpoise from Pendelton Ward's other series, Adventure Time.
  • All of his appearances so far have been non-speaking cameos. Although he has an important role in the series being the president of Mars, where the Bravest Warriors grew up.