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Pudding Town
Pudding Town
Biography Information

Pudding Town




Emotion Lord


Unnamed Wife
Unnamed Twelve Children

Introduced In

The Parasox Pub

Latest Appearance

Emotion Fjord

Voiced by

Robert Picardo

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Pudding Town is an Emotion Lord that is somehow connected with Chris Kirkman's timeline who first appears in "The Parasox Pub." 


Pudding Town comes across as a very calm, friendly, and exceptionally kind individual, claiming to sing to orphans and cry himself to sleep thinking of all the pain in the universe.

It should not be ruled out that he was aware of Chris's plan and was lying just to get him to lose his nerve.

Apparently he watches the same show in the exact same spot every time at the same time each day implying that he may have OCD.

He also admitted to like being an emotion lord implying a prideful side.

Emotion Lord's Abilities[]

Being an emotion lord there is no doubt that he is very powerful. He likely has all the same powers as Emotion Lord Chris which includes, immortality, reality warping and time travel. He is also able to trap the other emotion lords in his own dimension, the fact that he was able to do this to numerous emotion lords could imply that his power surpass that of emotion lord Chris.

On the other hand he may be more vulnerable then Time Lord Chris, Chris was asked to kill him by his future selves a task that should be impossible without the emotion sword. This could mean that he can be killed without the emotion sword, or that future Chris just didn't know what he was doing.


  • Since he has the power to warp reality and time he may be the dangerous man that the Concierge was referring to.