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See-Through Zone
Door to the See-Through Zone
Notable Inhabitants Courageous Battlers, Aeon Worm, Catbug (partial) , Johnny Tezuka (former), Paralyzed Horse
Introduced in Time Slime

The See-Through Zone is an interphasic computer program and artificial alternate dimension with different physical laws, where the Courageous Battlers were trapped in the year 3083.


The Zone is an interphasic computer program and an artificial dimension, this computer dimension contains Beth's dna the passenger particles which makes this dimension an aeon worm incubator. Where without the need of Beth's presence the aeon worm can still grow strong, this dimension is also populated by every alien creature the Courageous Battlers defeated, and has the purpose of imprisoning the Aeon Worm, an eldritch abomination with no definite shape (similar to HP Lovecraft's Chtulhu). The landscape appears similar to a computer simulation, with holographic projections that can be controled and transformed by making calculations and inserting data in certain places. By doing so, it is possible to materialize nearly any object (and this was proven true as a computer program in the comics (issue 20)

Catbug's Link[]

Catbug flashes between the See-Through Zone, and our dimension, as he resides in both dimensions. He cannot control it however, and when he does, he screams and vanishes.

The Door[]

The Door is made of a micro-virus from the See-Through Zone, and all of the gifts that the Courageous Battlers sent through in the episode Catbug. It is completely indestructable, as the material it is made of does not have to follow the laws of Physics.