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Space Chickens
Space Chickens
Name Space Chickens
Species Chicken
Introduced in "Emotion Lord"
Latest appearance "The Parasox Pub"

Space Chickens are a species of highly evolved birds that have acquired the ability to live in space. They were first seen in the episode "Emotion Lord".


Space Chickens usually have light blue-ish bodies with blue, brown, purple, or green heads. Space Chickens have pink feet and dark-colored beaks. Due to this coloring, they are very similar to pigeons.

Episode Appearances[]

Emotion Lord[]

The Emotion Lord creates 30 space chickens inside of Chris' helmet. He opens up his helmet, and then they contaminate the surgery area.

Gas-Powered Stick[]

One appears at the beginning of the episodes, next to Impossibear when he receives the gas-powered stick.

The Parasox Pub[]

In the Parasox Pub, there is a space chicken spectacle where robotic space chickens tell jokes and sing.

Catbug's Away Team[]

A space pigeon, possibly the same one as in gas-powered stick, was part of Catbug's away team.

Issue 17[]

A space chicken plays a key role in issue 17 of the comics, becoming a butter skater by the name of Purple Gravity.



Impossibear seems to keep a Space Chicken as a pet.


  • According to Wallow, the Space Chickens are a surgeon's worst nightmare.
    • This is possibly because they're based on pigeons, wich transmit many germs.