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The Dawning of Wankershim
NeoMars Park
Name The Dawning of Wankershim
Date Sometime in the year 3085
Location NeoMars Park and the Entire Universe
Participants Wankershim
The residence of NeoMars
Introduced In "Ultra Wankershim"

According to the Time Traveler, sometimes called the Emotion LordThe Dawning of Wankershim is the day that Wankershim "absorbed" the universe into his "wanker-being". The Bravest Warriors watched as Wankershim, who had been expanding exponentially since his departure from the holo-john, suddenly dispersed and extended his being throughout the universe, effectively absorbing it, as the Emotion Lord had foretold.


Wankershim would come to be known as a great Prophet because of his feat of absorbing the universe. When he did so, all the inhabitants of Mars – and possibly beyond – felt a great tenderness and emotional closeness.