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The Great Core Caper is a 2013 gamebook in the Bravest Warriors franchise.


Goober-Delta-9 has had its planetary core stolen by Sid Beemer-Boof for his Fun Planet, and is now in danger of losing orbit. The Bravest Warriors now have the task of recovering the core.


There are six endings, four bad, one ambiguous, one good.

Bad Endings[]

Endings Paths
Plum tries to fake a guard out, but they fall in love and elope. The replacement guard cannot be distracted, so the Bravest Warriors never get the core, and Goober-Delta-9 goes out of orbit, resulting in the Gooberians going extinct due to lack of sun.
  • 15
The Bravest Warriors create a universe with more seaside and amusement parks, but everyone spends so much time there, they forget to do their duties, and the universe falls apart.
  • 21-33-61
  • 21-27-39-51-61
  • 21-27-39-51-65-61
  • 21-33-103-39-51-61
  • 21-33-103-39-51-65-61
After giving Sid Beemer-Boof the core, the Bravest Warriors rename themselves the Cowardliest Warriors and spend the rest of their lives working at Fun Planet.
  • 21-27-39-57-75-85
  • 21-27-39-51-65-93-75-85
  • 21-27-39-51-105-75-85
  • 21-33-103-39-57-75-85
  • 21-33-103-39-51-65-93-75-85
  • 21-33-103-39-51-105-75-85
A rabid weasel bites Danny, who then bites his teammates. The group are turned into rabid monsters and then put down by the Animal Control Unit.
  • 21-27-45
  • 21-33-103-45

Ambiguous Ending[]

Ending Paths
Jelly Kid saves Catbug and Impossibear from a dungeon, but is later eaten by Catbug.
  • 21-27-39-57-75-81-89
  • 21-33-103-39-57-75-81-89

Good Ending[]

Ending Paths
The Bravest Warriors recover the planetary core and save Goober-Delta-9.
  • 21-27-39-57-75-97
  • 21-33-103-39-57-75-97
  • 21-27-39-51-65-93-75-97
  • 21-27-39-51-105-75-97
  • 21-33-103-39-51-105-75-97
  • 21-33-103-39-51-65-63-75-97