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Tony and Bonnie Vasquez
Biography Information

Tony and Bonnie Vasquez


Male (Tony)
Female (Bonnie)


Unknown (Possibly the same age as Janette and George, Johnny Tezuka & Brian and Josephine Kirkman)




Members of Courageous Battlers


Danny Vasquez (Son)
Danny's Grandmother (Mother/Mother-in-law)

Introduced In

"Time Slime" (Flashback)

Latest Appearance


Voiced by

Eric Bauza (Tony Vasquez)
Tara Strong (Bonnie Vasquez)

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Tony and Bonnie Vasquez are Danny's parents and members of The Courageous Battlers. They got sucked into the See Through Zone with the other battlers two years ago. In the episode "Cat-Bug," however, it has been confirmed that they, Brian and Josephine Kirkman (Chris's mom & dad), Johnny Tezuka (Beth's Dad) and Janette and George (Wallow's mom & dad) are alive.

Bonnie had an affair with Beth's dad Johnny Tezuka.


Both Tony and Bonnie Vasquez have brown hair, bushy eyebrows, and a light brown complexion. Like Danny, they both wear red jackets and boots. Tony Vasquez sports yellow pants while his wife wears a bluish-grey skirt. 


Dan's parents in Dan Before Time

  • In the episode "Catbug", Bonnie sends him an expired lottery ticket and a knife, which he is unamused by. 
  • Tony Vasquez seemed quite pleased when his son threw up on his grandmother. This could imply there is some form of tension between the two characters. 
  • It is revealed that Tony Vasquez has a yellow bear sticker pet unlike his son. 
  • Bonnie Vasquez has a porcupine sticker pet