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"Trivial Reality"
Back-up Story of Issue 4
Written by: Ryan Pequinn

Trivial Reality is The Back-Up Stroy For Issue 4


It Starts The Bravest Warrior are Playing a Game on The Holo John were they Fight Historical Figuers. The Start Fighiting Atilla the Hun and he dies of a Bloddy Nose, and wallow think's that is un-true along with the Fact that Cleopatra had snakes for hair and was the First Female President Of The United States, But Chris Says He Heared That on an Online Encyclopida (Wikapidia) Then They Have to Fight Ben Franklinstien and Evil Wizard who created lightning and used it to bring back the dead. Beth And Wallow Slice Kill Him By Running a Kite Stirng Through Him, Then There Finale Battle is Abe Lincoln, a Duck with a Beard. He is a Fearsome Warrior and Throw a blanket over him and Beat The Game